About us

brArt design returns life, voice and substance to the creativity of each of us.

Research - Development - Production - Distribution they overlap and combine in perfect harmony, in their professional experiences.

One entity without intermediaries able to manufacture and supply cool things and fine, totally Made in Italy.


The subject revolves around the concept of "Design" which has always had the role of adapting the objects of everyday life to the logic of general functionality induced by economic, productive, social and cultural in place, following and directing the evolution of the way of live.
With the help of brArt Lab - Study of Architecture we continuous research and testing of new products with the aim to design objects of design for everyone, with special attention to the quality of materials used, to 'ergonomics and usability.
It starts from the base, a careful study of daily needs through needs classes, this leads us to determine which "parts" of the object are designed to meet the identified needs, then develop the best design solution based on the capacity to satisfy the part performance.

brArt design idea Chi siamo

idea development brArtdesign


A young factory ready to make available its expertise to the development of a product Made in Italy that meets and emotions of our customers.
Our goal is to provide quality products at an affordable price by connecting, thanks to the electronic platform, the manufacturer directly end the USER.
Through innovative engineering process we can make products to order in no time maintaining the artisan character of the product.
constantly improve the product, to find different solutions to today's industrial production standards.
The laboratory thus becomes the hospitalization of "matter", made of emotions and ideas that shape Artisans in shapes, lines, colors, and objects made.

brArt design laboratorio Chi siamo

company production brArtdesign


  • We produce objects made of emotions, ideas, lines, colors that only Italian design is able to give;
  • We communicate through our products be viewed in our online shop windows;
  • We deliver directly to your home the products of your choice in 15 business days;
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marketing distribution brArtdesign

Returns life, voice and substance to the Design.
brArt design