Company profile

brArtdesign is a young reality rooted in the heart of Italy, specialized in the creation of lamps and devices of artisan design. It is ready to make available its professionalism for the development of a Made in Italy product that satisfies and captures the attention of those in search of emotions.
Through the innovative artisan laboratory 4.0 we are able to create products on order in a short time maintaining a unique character.
Precious materials like wood, leather, glass, cork and metals reflect brArtdesign philosophy in exalting product handcraft and exclusivity.
BrArtdesign catalogues are divided in Volumes, each volume has a limited duration of production over time and they are renewed every 2 years.
Each lamp is accurately manually assembled and undergoes several quality control steps.Each reproduction is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, which guarantees the originality and the serial number of the product.

We are always looking for different solutions for today's industrial production standards.
The laboratory thus becomes the shelter of "matter", made up of emotions and ideas that artisans-designers mold into completed forms and objects.

Every day we work with passion and creativity in producing lamps and devices of artisan design.

How it is born

It was born in 2016 from an idea of Gabriele Squartecchia, architect and designer. It follows a path of vital substance to research, plan and carry out his works, giving essence to creativity.
In constant search for experimental similarities, aspects and natural evolutionary paths, outlining an emotional effect that must at all costs show through.

"Returns life, voice and substance to design"
brArt design